A downloadable maze game for Windows

Control the white block with your mouse, get to the green goal.

Press space to enable hell mode.

In "I'm to young to die Edition" you can control the block with arrows and mouse.

Thanks to Daniel Linssen for creating Windowframe the game that inspired me to create maze.exe. I took the concept of the window changing straight from that. Obviously I didn't just steal the code though.

Side note
When installing this game Windows Smartscreen will most likely say it might be dangerous. This is because Smartscreen works on a reputation based system. This means any program without a reputation in their database will trigger it.

Install instructions

Open the setup and choose install. Then it should appear in your start menu. If your in Mac or Linux I guess you could use bootcamp or wine.


Maze 1.2.exe 16 MB
Maze 1.2 (I'm to young to die Edition).exe 15 MB

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